Scratch Programming Training for Kids

The world has gone digital, are you ready? Get practical hands-on Scratch Programming training for kids for the future at Abuja Computer Training School

Our Scratch Programming Training for Kids is a practical hands on training that gets your kids started with scratch programming and game development.

Develop your kid’s problem solving abilities and set them up for future success with fundamental coding skills through this online scratch coding course.

Programming continues to be an important skill in the modern world. Childhood is a great time to start learning programming and to develop computational thinking, creativity, and problem- solving skills.

You’ll learn by doing. The course is designed so that you create the games and applications with your own two hands. But what makes this course truly unique is the teaching method. You will learn a variety of computer science topics, but we’ll hide the complexity behind characters, animations and analogies.

That’s because in these carefully designed lessons, we’ll train your intuition to make sense of what you want to achieve and how to get there. This will help you quickly master the basics. After this course, you’ll learn text-based programming languages at a blazing speed and quickly make sense of any piece of code.

The content is designed to be fun! We learn to create animations and cool effects and we create clones of some of the most popular games

The games are handpicked to optimize learning computer science topics while having fun along the way.

Who is this scratch programming training for kids for?

This scratch programming training for kids is designed for:

Parents or teachers who want to give their children or pupils the best skills and most fun

kids and beginners who want to learn to code games

anyone new to programming who doesn’t know where to start

Children (from 7-8 years)

Absolute beginners in programming and computer science

What you’ll learn in scratch programming training for kids at Abuja Computer Training School, Abuja, Nigeria

Create smart and fun games

Create animations and cool visual effects

Understand complex computer science concepts by intuitively applying them in games

Learn text-based programming languages 2x – 10x faster

Fundamentals of coding

Storytelling and how to create your own storyline

How to code by drawing in Scratch

Quiz creation

Game creation

Details About What You Will Learn in Scratch Programming Training for Kids at Abuja Computer Training School, Abuja, Nigeria

Coding a Story

This training is all about teaching coding to kids. Have you got your own idea for a new game or do you just like making them? It all begins with your story. Learn programming for kids and discover how to create your own unique games in Scratch as well as how to create your very own story-telling Sprite in this wonderful introduction to coding.

Starting from Scratch

Now that you understand the fundamentals of coding, you can begin learning about the essential coding techniques used by professional programmers every day. To begin understanding computers you need to know how computers think. What instructions do you give to a Sprite to make it move? Find out this and more in this online class.

Creative Coding

Did you know you can draw code as well? You can draw anything in Scratch by moving your Sprite and instructing them where to move. Coding allows you to express yourself in many different ways, and creating artworks is simply one of many. Are you ready to become the next Picasso? Find out how creative you can be while you learn coding for kids.

Scratchers Got Talent

In this class, you will begin to see how Scratch can let you do whatever you want with just a few simple tricks and the right ideas. Discover how adding sound effects can really make a difference in a game or could even be the main attraction of a game. By the end of this lesson you will know how to import sounds, create backing tracks for levels and how to record songs using Scratch.

Quiz Time

Speed maths is a great way to engage your brain and keep it active. Creating a quiz that times how fast you can get the right answer can be good fun! In recent years, apps that do exactly this have become hugely popular. Are you ready to learn how to build your very own quiz and test your friends and family?

Requirements for scratch programming training for kids

No prior programming knowledge is required

With Scratch, kids learn to code using drag-and-drop or block-based coding, which allows them to explore fundamental concepts and create their own animated games and stories!

As opposed to text-based coding, Scratch offers bright visuals and engaging design to elevate the learning process

Scratch Programming Training for Kids Delivery Methods at Abuja Computer Training School, Abuja, Nigeria

Physical class training

Join our physical, instructor-led, interactive, and practical hands-on training at our training centers in Abuja, Nigeria.

Live online training

Learn from the comfort of your home or offices with our virtual, instructor-led, interactive, and practical hands-on training.