Microsoft Office Training

The world has gone digital, are you ready? Get practical hands-on Microsoft Office training for the future at Abuja Computer Training School

This course is designed to enhanced features in Outlook you can use to improve the way you manage, organize, present, and distribute your company’s data and information.

You explore a variety of enhancements, including Words ability to edit PDF files, the Flash Fill feature in Excel, and improved collaboration.

This course helps bridge the gap from the version you already know and love to this latest release of Microsoft flagship productivity suite.

People in all industries use Microsoft Office products to communicate with colleagues, manage email and create amazing data charts.

Those who expand their knowledge and become a Microsoft Office Specialist with an MOS Certification, develop in-demand skills and advance their careers.

This Microsoft office training in Abuja Nigeria is practical hands-on training that help you to learn and understand how to use Microsoft office packages, get the job you want, or become more productive in the office environment.

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Despite so many of us using Office package programs in our daily lives, they can be a challenge to master without the right and experienced Microsoft Office Suite training.

Abuja Computer Training School (ACTS) will help you learn the ins and outs of this widely-used software trio Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, as well as the other popular productivity programs Access, Outlook, Project and Publisher.

Learn Microsoft Office Packages the easy way.

Who is this Microsoft Office training for?

This Microsoft Office training is for anyone who wants to improve their skills and master Microsoft Office packages.

You can choose which Microsoft Office courses to take based on your skill level and interests. If you are a beginner or looking for a Microsoft Office refresher course, start with the basic Microsoft office training package and work your way up.

If you have some prior knowledge and want to further your skills, jump right into an advanced class on Microsoft Office Training.

You will receive a certificate at the end of each class you register for. You can add your Microsoft Office training certification to your resume and LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your skills to employers.

Every office makes use of Microsoft office packages, so it has become a must for everybody no matter you position in the office to learn Microsoft office.

The good news is that our training is a practical hands-on training where an experienced Microsoft office trainer is assigned to you.

Benefits of taking Microsoft Office Training

1. Microsoft Office is used by 90% of Companies Worldwide

Statistically, this means that over 1.2 billion people and most businesses are currently using Microsoft Office.

That’s nearly 20% of the world’s population and that many people can’t be wrong. Recent statistics have shown that the percentage of enterprises with at least 100 users increased from 87% to 91%, and usage within enterprises grew over 320%.

2. Employment

In the current job market, knowledge of Microsoft Office tools is essential as it helps to make your mark.

Presentations, word files, excel sheets, working with databases – are all a part of daily tasks for most of us.

When you have an in-depth knowledge of MS Office, it means you can make better presentations, use more features in Word, Excel or Access and thus make your mark on work in your style.

This puts you ahead compared to your peers and thus boosts more confidence in you, too.

3. Cloud Service

Microsoft very well knows that the cloud is the future. Office 365 is a remarkable service in this domain. Office 365 is a cloud-based service: while a user has access to the Internet, he/she can access Office 365 services online.

Some of the main benefits of working in the cloud are:

Cost-saving – Easy access to your company’s data will save money and time once you’re on the cloud.

Mobility – Mobile access to corporate data via smartphones and devices is possible with cloud computing, which is a great way to make sure your employees are never left out of the loop.

Disaster recovery – Quick data recovery for all kinds of emergency scenarios, from natural disasters to power outages is provided for by cloud-based services.

4. Different Features and Support

Microsoft delivers all office tools with more and better features with every new release. There is extensive and professional support available 24/7 for Office, as well as countless online resources providing tutorials and tips for using MS Office tools.

5. Trust and Reliability

The reason companies and users continue to use Office today is due to the trust which Microsoft has built up over the years.

Office delivers great utility and advanced features with every new release, so people don’t need to look at any other tool. Microsoft has justified the fact that trust goes a long way.

6. Highly User-Friendly Interface and Features

Microsoft Office is well known for its clean and straightforward user interface, which is easy to use and understand. The pages are extremely user friendly, and you can easily navigate through them.

The menu items explain and guide you clearly to execute your tasks effectively and effortlessly.

Basic Computer Skills Class Overview at Abuja Computer Training School, Abuja, Nigeria.

The goal of this class is to teach general, beginning skills for Windows PC’s and Microsoft packages.  The lessons include:

·         How to use and maintain a computer and laptop professionally

·         Hardware and software components of the computer

·         Microsoft Windows navigation

·         Microsoft office package basic commands (cursors and special keys, formatting, toolbars)

·         Introduction to the Internet

·         Typing (Mavis Beacon)

What makes this Microsoft Office training special?

Our (ACTS) Microsoft office training is practical personalized hands-on training,

A trainer will be assigned to you for monitoring and coaching

Progressive difficulty: we start slow and we build our way up 

Tons of activities, exercises, and challenges 

Quality instructor support

All lectures are straight to the point – minimal effort, maximum results 

Learn by working, not by memorizing!

Project based training where you build life projects of what you are learning

What Microsoft Office training packages are included at Abuja Computer Training School, Abuja, Nigeria ?

  1. Microsoft Word. Achieve a polished, professional look for your documents.
  2. Microsoft Excel. Unlock insights and tell the story in your data.
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint. Build the story, present with presence and inspire your audience.
  4. Microsoft Access. Create databases fast without being a developer.
  5. Microsoft Outlook. Communicate more effectively by connecting efficiently with others.
  6. Microsoft Project. The project manager’s best friend.

Microsoft Office Training delivery method at Abuja Computer Training School, Abuja, Nigeria

Physical class training

Join our physical instructor-led interactive, and practical hands-on training in our training centers in Nigeria.

Live online training

learn from the comfort of your home or offices with our Virtual Instructor-Led live online, interactive, and practical hands-on training