C# Programming Training

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Even though C# is a language that’s relatively easy to learn and maintain, it isn’t just for beginners. Its scalability and large support community make C# the language of choice for Microsoft app developers and video game developers working with the Unity Engine.

Like C++ and Java, C# is a high-level object-oriented programming language.

It is generally more efficient than Java and has useful features such as operator overloading. C# is based on C++ but has several advantages over this older language: it is type-safe, more comprehensively object-oriented, and the syntax has been simplified in several important ways.

Most importantly, C# interoperates exceptionally well with other languages on the .NET platform. For this reason, C# is a better choice for building applications for .NET.

C# (pronounced see-sharp) is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. It was designed as a multi-paradigm programming language by Microsoft in around 2000 as part of its .NET initiative.

The .NET framework and .NET applications are multi-platform applications that you can use with programming languages such as C++, C#, Visual Basic, and COBOL. C# is open-source and was designed to be simple yet modern, flexible yet powerful and versatile yet easy to learn and program with.

Many programming languages in the past were designed for specific purposes. C# was developed with business and enterprise needs in mind.

By providing functionality to support modern-day software development such as web applications, mobile, and response app needs, C# supports many features of modern-day programming languages.

Who is C# Programming training for?

Anyone with an interest in creating their own applications from scratch.

People who are wanting to gain a understanding of programming in C#.

Programmers who want to expand the number of languages they can use.

People who want to learn programming through pragmatic examples instead of endless explanations.

Benefits of taking C# Programming Training at Abuja Computer Training School, Abuja, Nigeria.

Thanks to the .NET framework, C# has many advantages over C++. C# is a refined and modernized version of C++.

C++ was developed to bring object-orientation to C, an older but widely used language, and C++ became the de-facto language for building applications for Windows as well as infrastructure and low-level applications. Visual Basic was for business applications.

What C# does is combine the rapid development capabilities of VB with the power of C++. C# also has many new data types, type-safety, to ensure you do not unknowingly reuse initialized variables.

 It uses a simplified syntax, a huge improvement over the complex coding often required in C++. C# also removes memory management issues thanks to .NET’s garbage collection scheme.

You do not have to reference items for garbage collection; the system can reclaim that memory as required.

C# is one of the most popular programming languages. It can be used for a variety of things, including mobile applications, game development, and enterprise software.

Knowing C# opens a great deal of doors for you as a developer.

What you’ll learn in C# Programming training at Abuja Computer Training School, Abuja, Nigeria.

How to create a functional app based on complete, standards-compliant code.

Essential programming concepts including data types, variables, classes and objects, arithmetic operators, I/O, if-else statements, loops and more.

Computing theory and mathematical principles strictly as they apply to everyday C# programming.

C# Programming Training Delivery Methods at Abuja Computer Training School, Abuja, Nigeria.

Physical class C# programming training

Join our physical instructor-led interactive, and practical hands-on training at our training centers in Abuja, Nigeria.

Live online C# programming training

learn from the comfort of your home or offices with our Virtual Instructor-Led live online, interactive, and practical hands-on training.