Adobe Character Animator CC Training in Abuja Nigeria

The world has gone digital, are you ready? Get practical hands-on Adobe Character Animator CC training for the future at Abuja Computer Training School

Adobe Character Animator CC training in Abuja Nigeria lets you animate any Photoshop or Illustrator file using your face and voice with your computer’s webcam and microphone, making performance capture animation fun and accessible.

Animate characters you create with your web cam and automated lip sync in Adobe’s Character Animator! 

Motion capture puppets are great for:

explainer video animations

short films + cartoons


creative live interactive characters

motion comics

anything needing reusable characters – no need to redraw frames or set keyframes anytime a character moves.

We’ll cover mouth shapes, layer placement, syncing an audio track to lips or creating your own audio for your puppet to voice, adding physics for more life-like movement, creating custom puppets and even walk cycles.

This course utilizes Adobe Photoshop to build puppets, then files are exported to Adobe After Effects. So both programs are essential to using Character Animator effectively.

This is a highly effective way to create reusable characters for explainer videos, short film, music videos and other media. 

Requirements for Adobe Character Animator CC Training in Abuja Nigeria

Students should have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud, including Adobe After Effects CC which uses Adobe Character Animator as a subprogram, and Adobe Photoshop.

Basic understanding of layers in Photoshop.

Access to a webcam is required.

Who Adobe Character Animator CC Training in Abuja Nigeria for?

We’ve designed this Character Animator training course not only for aspiring/professional animators, but also for anyone who wants to use animation in their project, even if they never tried before.

Adobe Character Animator levels the playing field by letting you use your webcam and microphone to drive the character performance. No key-framing necessary.

This is the EASIEST way to get started with animation, with groundbreaking technology that lets anyone become an animator.

What you will learn in Adobe Character Animator CC Training in Abuja Nigeria:

Adobe character animator essentials

Complete animation workspace overview

Complete animation puppet design and layer structure

Complete rigging process of an animation character

Complete animated scene production

Class projects for better understanding of subject

Complete follow along teaching method to ensure proper understanding of minor details in the processThe Structure and Components of a Character

Understanding Scenes

Recording and Live Streaming Concepts

Creating your motion capture puppets using Adobe Character Animator.

Setting physics on your animated puppets

Recording of voiceover or sync pre-existing dialogue to you puppet’s mouths

Production of animated TV shows or movies.

Making your puppet come alive:

Animate a Photoshop or Illustrator puppet with an audio file. With Speech-Aware Animation powered by Adobe Sensei, a simple voice track brings your character to live with corresponding movements and expressions.

Natural animation of character limbs:

Make your character jump, dance, bend, squat and much more.

Real-time rendering

Navigation of the timeline more efficiently

Search of timeline for tracks and track items. Hide or isolate tracks, colorize takes and create groups for better organization.

Copy and paste of artboards

Doing more accurate lip sync

Don’t worry about if you can draw or not or knowing where to start. With our Adobe Character Animator training, we will take you through all the steps you’ll need to create and animate amazing characters!

Delivery Methods for Adobe Character Animator CC Training in Abuja Nigeria.

Physical class for Adobe Character Animator CC training in Abuja Nigeria

Join our physical, instructor-led, interactive, and practical hands-on Adobe Character Animator Training at our training centers in Abuja, Nigeria.

Live online class for Adobe Character Animator CC training

Learn from the comfort of your home or offices with our virtual, instructor-led, interactive, and practical hands-on training.