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3ds Max is the graphics and modeling software behind many of today’s most recognizable video games, TV ads, and movies.

3ds Max features a suite of tools that producers use to execute everything from previsualization work, to modeling, and special effects.

3DS Max training in Abuja Nigeria provides a way to quickly learning to use 3DS Max. This 3D Max course covers animation, lighting, cameras, and rendering

We have 3DS Max Training Classes for every schedule and budget, led by expert instructors who help you to quickly and easily achieve professional results with your work.

As part of selected Autodesk Collections, to ensure users get the maximum return from their software part of this 3ds Max training course involves importing 3D data from other 3D software applications as well as familiarizing users with core functionality and principals.

Benefits of 3DS max training in Abuja Nigeria

s Max software has brought new approaches for 3D modeling services and 3D animation services, In 3D animation services especially the structural , architectural & the mechanical animation services , 3Ds Max 2014 has made notable enhancements in the design visualization , the motion graphics , the visual effects, etc.

Many new tools have been added to 3Ds Max 2014 version for accomplishing such as Crowd generation which is a new feature now that assists the artists in creating crowd of moving people, So, this superb feature helps you in getting proper 3D architectural visualization of your project.

Perspective matching is a new feature that allows the users in easily fitting any 3D model, such as Architectural 3D models, Mechanical 3D models etc, within any still-frame photographic background images effectively .

Particle animation is in this version , the entire particle flow system has become more powerful and flexible , The particle flow interface has been enhanced to a large extent , It can assist the users in generating more realistic and elegant physical simulations within a short span of time .

Vector map support is also a new feature , 3Ds Max 2014 version enables the users to load the vector graphics as the texture maps , The users can render these texture maps at dynamic resolutions , So , the graphics will remain the same and clear if these graphics are zoomed-in effectively .

2D pan and zoom is a superb feature, It facilitates the artists to lock the camera registration between the background image plate and the 3D object , So , when the user moves the camera , the background plate and 3D object also move synchronously with the camera .

There is Global illumination, General map creation and 3D rendering, Dynamic simulation and radiosity – They facilitate you a customizable user interface along with its own scripting language, 3Ds Max 2014 version supports Microsoft DirectX 11 shaders;

It comprises the advanced concept

 It comprises the advanced concepts and technologies which are used for today’s modern pipelines.

3Ds Max 2014 software facilitates the users in loading plus SVG, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD PAT and SVGZ files efficiently, These types of files are loaded as the textures within 3Ds Max.

So, 3Ds Max 2014 has introduced diversification to design 3D CAD modeling services, 3D Architectural rendering services and animation, It assists Modelers, Renderers and the other users in improving their efficiency effectively.

3ds Max is a digital content creation software, It can create 3d printable parts in the computer that can replace a part of human organ or sophisticate engineered device, We can create group of robots that can attack other group of robots based on a cartoon show to pull off a feature films using Max .

Design and visualization using 3ds Max is a wide reaching subject so users may wish to consider further training or one to one custom 3ds Max training once they have completed this initial foundation course depending on business requirements.

Basic topics covered in this 3ds Max training in Abuja Nigeria include:

User Interface

File I/O

Getting Started

Transforming Tools

Modifying Objects

Modelling with 3D Geometry

Modelling from splines


Using Maps

Mapping Coordinates



Advanced Lighting

Animation Basics


As visualization becomes increasingly important in project delivery and tender our standard 3ds Max training course is geared to give novice users a base knowledge on using 3ds Max in a commercial environment.

3DS max Training in Abuja Nigeria Delivery Methods


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Live online training

learn from the comfort of your home or offices with our Virtual Instructor-Led live online, interactive, and practical hands-on training.